Henna is an ancient Art of body decoration, an art practiced as early as the Pharoanic civilization of Egypt. Evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptian Pharos used henna during the mummification process as well as for cosmetic purposes. Today we find this natural body art practiced throughout the world. In India henna or mehndi as it is known, is used as part of the traditional wedding ceremonies and hence part of the eastern culture. Very fine and intricate henna designs are drawn onto the hands and arms to beautify the bride. Throughout the African continent henna is used for cosmetic purposes. In Europe and America it has become a natural alternative to tattooing, and a method of self expression. 

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Contact Kakoo to get Hennaed.

House calls are made in the Greater Vancouver area for a minimum guaranteed order of CD$150.00 So collect a few friends who would like to be Hennaed too. Arrange a Henna Party for Kids, Teenagers or Adults for Birthdays, Graduation, Holidays......or No Occasion at all.

Alternatively, you may get Hennaed at our home workshop in Surrey by prior appointment. (It may be good idea to have someone available to drive you back to allow time for your Henna to dry).


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